Hi, I’m Nick Sweeting, a software engineer currently living Montreal, Canada.

My main website, with links to my software and work experience is here.

This blog was born when my wandering high-school mind landed upon the desire to file a patent.  I was stuck choosing between my rocket-shoe invention, my bike-booster, and my idea for a social network.  I couldn’t pick so I decided to submit all three to the USPTO.  During the process I encountered a form that gave the the error “invalid patent”.  Frustrated by the inefficiency of the patent system and my subsequent denial, I decided to take the 21st century approach and blog about my problems.  In hindsight none of these were particularly patentable ideas, and I should’ve invested my time into building them before trying to claim the IP.

I am a Summer 2014 Recurse Center graduate.

tinkering, as usual







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