Augmented Reality Social Networking

For several years now I’ve been designing and thinking out an invention in my head.  It started out as the stereotypical “eureka!” moment in the shower and then moved on to a baby of thought that I nurtured on every subway ride to school.  The reason I think of it the most on subways is because the core market for this idea would be commuters who have to take public transport, although the idea could be extended to private cars.

The idea is: visual-overlay virtual reality social networking

It has been approached many times before, the closest I’ve seen to my idea exactly is a project called Google Glass, and they almost hit my idea on the nail, except for a few key features.  The core idea is that you take a technology that lets you overlay information on your vision, be it glasses or contact lenses (or even a cranial implant), and you hook it up to a network that everyone else is connected to.


Offline info: Name, Date of Birth, blood type, house address etc.

Online info (maybe Facebook linked): Friend networks, maps, music, movies


Core Features: Flags, Tags, currently playing music for each person, destination, nationality, languages, interests, current website, music management


Technologies required: display: [lcd contact lenses/retinal projection glasses/HUD glasses], energy storage: [induction coupling, batteries], processing power, human interface: [bone conduction for humming commands, jaw movement racking, eye tracking, finger movement, phone linking, computer syncing, control jewelry], audio output: [headphones, implant], networking radios: [wifi, 4G, whisper net, bluetooth], cameras, audio input, environment tracking: [face recognition, distance measurement, compass, GPS, possibly synced with phone]


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