Filing a Patent

Do you know how hard it is to file a patent in the USPTO?  I was under the impression that the US patent office welcomed and encouraged patents, however simply applying with no guarantee that they will ever get to your patent app in their stack of backlogged apps from software companies, costs $250-$380.  While this may be a small fee for any serious inventor, a student like myself or a nearly bankrupt inventor would have trouble conjuring up the thousands required per-patent as maintenance fees every few years.

My advice for any aspiring entrepreneur would be to create a firm that communicates/collaborates with the Creative Commons and advertises themselves as an alternate service, for those who wish to patent their ideas, as opposed to copyrighting them.  The acceptance process for patents could be more selective and more biased against worthless software patents, to prevent what has caused the notorious inefficiencies in the USPTO.  Fees could be lowered depending on the applicant.

The only reason I’ve looked into patents recently and created this blog, is my interest in patenting a design for a comprehensive music-centric social network inspired by listening to my iPod on a subway, and wishing I could hear what other people around me were listening to.  More on this in another post…


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